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Becoming a top bank in SME lending.

After a few years of aggressive expansion the client had suffered heavy losses due to frauds and bad debts. The Board – under pressure from the regulator - appointed a new CEO tasked with putting up a new growth strategy. 


Our strategy expert and the client’s team researched the market (interviews and desk research) to identify unmet customers’ needs (both in terms of products and relationships) and understand the competition. 


We identified an attractive segment, sized the opportunity and developed a differentiating value proposition around the concept of solution vs products. To avoid competitors copying this value proposition we highlighted unique capabilities to build and helped redesign the operating model (notably customer journeys). The work on capabilities also helped align the strategy, the future state operating model and the new IT strategy thus preventing the usual disjointing work between strategy and “execution”. 


We used scenario planning (including anticipating competitors’ likely reactions) to ensure the strategy would be successful in all market conditions. Additionally we defined a roadmap with key milestones to manage how/when to scale up. 


Finally we developed a new purpose to act as a North Star. 


Positioned the bank in an attractive market segment backed by a strong competitive advantage.

Enabled the bank to break-even in 3 years and become a top 3 player in 5 years. 


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